Plastence Exim - Plastic Strainer Manufacturer in India

In numerous industries, plastic strainers are an essential part of the piping system to provide safety to various mechanical equipment from dirt particles. Without plastic strainers, you are causing harm to your equipment that limits durability of equipment. For best plastic strainers manufacturer and exporter visit

To prevent the damage to equipment, the Plastence Exim which is strainer manufacturer and exporter in India offers various types of plastic strainers such as Tea Type and Y Type plastic strainers. Both types of plastic strainers are effective in working and both are designed for different purpose.

The Y Type plastic strainers are designed by Plastence Exim for mechanically eliminating hard particles from the flow of a fluid such as gas or liquid. For removing the particles, the Y Type plastic strainers used straining element which is a wire mesh. Like other plastic strainers type, they are also used in pipes to provide protection to expensive equipment such as pumps and regulators. In every industry, it is very important to maintain their equipment.

The Tree Type plastic strainers provide eco-friendly protection to the essential equipment of industry. This type of strainer is available in two configurations. One is straight flow and other is angle flow. Both the configurations can be easily attached to pipe systems. Its working process is also simple like other plastic strainers. Once the solid particles are collected in the screen and liquid flow is blocked when the screen is separate from cleaning.

The Y Type and Tree Type Plastic Strainers are used in Many Industries Such as:

  • Power Industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Metal and Mining industry
  • Paper industry
  • Waste Water Industry
  • Oil or gas service
  • Process Equipment
  • Pulp Industry

The features of both types of plastic strainers are almost the same. The performance of both plastic strainers is efficient in high as well as low pressure. They are available in compact size. Their fabricated construction has so many benefits for the customers. First of all, the low cost of the plastic strainers. So, you can save money by buying quality and affordable plastic strainers from leading plastic strainers manufacturer Company.